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Individual Preliminary Laboratory a

General data

Course ID: 1100-1Ind04 Erasmus code / ISCED: 13.201 / (0533) Physics
Course title: Individual Preliminary Laboratory a Name in Polish: Indywidualna pracownia wstępna A
Organizational unit: Faculty of Physics
Course groups:
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Language: Polish


Short description:

Introduction to programs, packages and systems commonly used by physicists.

Full description: (in Polish)

Celem zajęć jest zapoznanie studentów z pracą w systemie Linux, z funkcjonowaniem wydziałowej sieci komputerowej, systemem składu tekstu LaTeX, opracowywaniem danych z wykorzystaniem języka programowania python, analizą niepewności pomiarowych, wykonywaniem obliczeń symbolicznych w programie Mathematica i sterowaniem układami pomiarowymi w programie LabView.


Instructions and materials will be given in the laboratory.

Learning outcomes:

Basic knowledge of the Linux operating system. Familiarity with the LaTeX system and Mathematica program. Basic knowledge of programming in python and LabView and in data analysis.

Assessment methods and assessment criteria:

Linux (10%) - problems to be solved in class

Mathematica (10%) - problems to be solved in class

LaTeX (15%) - homework

python(10%) - problems to be solved in class

LabView project (55%) - measurements will be done in the electronic laboratory, report has to be written in LaTeX

Practical placement: (in Polish)


This course is not currently offered.
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