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Fundamentals of Physics II E

General data

Course ID: 1100-1Ind07 Erasmus code / ISCED: 13.201 / (0533) Physics
Course title: Fundamentals of Physics II E Name in Polish: Podstawy fizyki II (elektryczność i magnetyzm)
Organizational unit: Faculty of Physics
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Language: Polish
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Prerequisites (description):

The course intended for students highly gifted in science



Short description:

Fundamentals of physics, second part, extended level. The course deals with basic electricity and magnetism, including electromagnetic waves.

Full description:

The course deals with basic electricity and magnetism, including electromagnetic waves.

Ideas and laws of physics will be introduced using experiments. Examples from current research and practical applications will be used to illustrate lectures.


1. Electrostatic field.

2. Electric current

3. Magnetic field

4. Electromagnetic induction

5. Electromagnetic waves

6. Dielectric polarization

7. Magnetic properties of matter

8. Practical aspects of magnetism

9. Electric current in liquids and gases


1. Feynmana wykłady z fizyki

2. A. Piekara: Elektryczność i budowa materii

3. J. Gaj: Elektryczność i magnetyzm.

4. Materiały przygotowywane przez wykładowcę

Learning outcomes:

After the course:


1. Knows basic topics related to basic electricity and magnetism

2. knows basic topics related to electric and magnetic properties of materials

3. knows basic topics of electric and magnetic measurements.


1. knows how to describe physical phenomena connected to basic electricity and magnetism as well as electric and magnetic properties of materials.

2. knows how to solve problems in electricity and magnetism.


1. Apreciates importance of deep and thorough analysis problems before drawing conclusions and taking decisions

2. Understands the basic role of the experiment in physics

Assessment methods and assessment criteria:

1) The attendance in the lectures is not checked

2) All students are admitted to the written exam.

3) Minimum 50% of points obtained from two written middle-semester tests and written exam is required to be admitted to oral exam.

4) A person who obtains more than 50% of points from the written part of the second term exam will be admitted to second term oral exam.

This course is not currently offered.
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