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Laboratory of general microbiology and bacterial genetics

General data

Course ID: 1100-2BO25 Erasmus code / ISCED: 13.4 / (0511) Biology
Course title: Laboratory of general microbiology and bacterial genetics Name in Polish: Praktikum mikrobiologii ogólnej i genetyki bakterii
Organizational unit: Faculty of Physics
Course groups: ESOO - European programme in ophthalmic optics and optometry; 2nd year courses
ECTS credit allocation (and other scores): 1.00
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Language: Polish


Short description:

The course covers basic information on microbiology, relating to bacterial cell structure, forms of existence in the environment, influence of physical and chemical factors on their growth. Basic information on bacterila genetics is also introduced. The laboratory shall acknowledge the students with basic microbiologic techniques.

Full description:

The aim of the Practicum is to present general information on bacteria, and itroduce the basic microbiologic techniques.

Detailed program:

1. Basic microbiological techniques – work in steril enviroment, inoculation of bacterial cultures.

2. Isolation of microorganisms from an environment of choice. Counting of microorganisms. Microbial growth in a liquid culture.

3. Structure of the bacterial cell. Staining of fixed bacterial cultures (Gram staining) and microscopic observations.

4 .Bacterial resistance to antibiotics.

5. Genetic material of bacteria. Transformation of competent bacterial cells with plasmid vector.

6. Structure, function and regulation of the lactose operon.


1.„Microbiology – diversity,disease and environment”. AA. Salyers, DD.Whitt. 2000

2.„Instant notes. Medical microbiology”. W. Irving, T. Boswell, D. Ala'Aldeen. 2005

3.„Instant notes. Microbiology”. J. Nicklin, K. Graeme-Cook, R. Killington. Second edition.

Learning outcomes:

1. student knows the structure of a bacterial cell, structural differences between Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria,

2. knows elements of bacterial genetics

3. knows basic microbiologic techniques

4. can work sterile, justify the choice of sterilisation method of solutions, media, glass and small equipment,

5. can isolate pure bacterial cultures and prepare bacterial cultures

Assessment methods and assessment criteria:

1. Submitting of the completed result cards

2. Written final test in a form of multi-choice test and tasks of short answer.

The final grade is a weighted average of grades for reports (weigh 1/3) and a grade from the final test (weigh 2/3).

Practical placement: (in Polish)


Classes in period "Summer semester 2021/22" (in progress)

Time span: 2022-02-21 - 2022-06-15
Choosen plan division:

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Type of class: Class, 15 hours, 30 places more information
Coordinators: Maciej Łukaszewicz
Group instructors: Maciej Łukaszewicz
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