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General data

Course ID: 1300-OHGHW-GES Erasmus code / ISCED: 07.304 / (0532) Earth science
Course title: Hydrogeochemistry Name in Polish: Hydrogeochemia
Department: Faculty of Geology
Course groups: (in Polish) Przedmiot obowiązkowy na I sem. I roku stud. II st. GES na spec. Hydrogeologia
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Language: Polish
Type of course:

obligatory courses

Short description:

The range of hydrogeochemistry studies and their practical significance. The relation of hydrogeochemistry with other sciences. Water origin on Earth. The outline of the theoretical basis of water chemistry and hydrogeochemistry. The effect of the weathering on the composition of the active zone of groundwater exchange. Influence of evaporation and mixing of the chemistry of groundwater. Hydrogeochemical systems in silicate rocks. Clay minerals. The processes of ion exchange and adsorption. Hydrogeochemical systems in carbonate rocks. Organic matter in groundwater. The processes of oxidation and reduction, redox balance. Anthropogenic and geogenic pollution. Indicators of pollution. Pollutants in groundwater. The characteristic of the influence of major origin of pollutants in groundwater. Applications of geochemical modeling of water. Methodology of the hydrogeochemical research. Interpretation and usage of groundwater chemistry research. Evaluation of groundwater quality.

Full description:

The lecture is designed to acquaint a student with:

- hydrogeochemistry interfaces with other natural sciences, the need for and benefits of interdisciplinary research;

- physicochemical characteristics and components present in the groundwater

- occurrence of components forms in groundwater, most of all dissolved speciations, methods for quantitative evaluation of speciations in the waters;

- factors, processes and reactions that affect the supply and removal of material to/from groundwater, in particular: the role of the substances supplied to the environment, with atmospheric depositions, the influence of processes occurring in the vegetation cover and soil, the processes of dissolution and transformation of minerals in the weathering zone, the most important chemical reactions associated with the transfer of protons and electrons, the role of organic matter present in the aquifer and groundwater, the role of the mixing of groundwater of different composition, the effect of evaporation on the composition of the groundwater;

- the impact of human activity on groundwater chemistry, including the impact of major origin of danger and pollution of groundwater quality;

- the basic principles of geochemical modeling of groundwater

- the principles of hydrogeochemical methods, including designation and preparation of test points, water sampling techniques, sample handling procedure, rules of the program of field and laboratory quality assurance/quality control (QA/QC);

- principles of evaluation of groundwater quality.

Bibliography: (in Polish)

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- Akty prawne związane z tematyką przedmiotu.

Learning outcomes:

After completing the lecture a student:

-plans scope and schedule of field and laboratory research of physicochemical characteristics of groundwater;

- evaluates the quality and makes selection of the hydrochemical data

- interprets the origin of the chemical composition of groundwater;

- interprets the relationship of groundwater chemistry with the chemistry of other elements of the environment;

- evaluates the suitability of groundwater for various needs (drinking water, bottled water, therapeutic water );

- evaluates the degree of geogenic and anthropogenic pollution of groundwater.

Assessment methods and assessment criteria:

The lecture ended with an examination on the assessment (to take the exam, the student must have a positive assessment of the exercise).

Practical placement: (in Polish)


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