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Cell Biology

General data

Course ID: 1400-112BK Erasmus code / ISCED: 13.1 / (0511) Biology
Course title: Cell Biology Name in Polish: Biologia komórki
Organizational unit: Faculty of Biology
Course groups: Requisite courses for first-year students of Biology
Requisite subjects for first-year students of Biotechnology
ECTS credit allocation (and other scores): 8.00 OR 6.00 (depends on study program)
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Language: Polish
Type of course:

obligatory courses

Prerequisites (description):

I year Biology and Biotechnology



Short description:

"Biology of the Cell" covers the current knowledge of cell structure and function including: basic cytological and molecular biology methods, differences between pro- and eukaryotic cells, structure and function of cellular organelles, cellular transport, intracellular contact and interactions, signal transduction, replication and expression of genetic material.

Full description:

Cell. Prokaryotes and Eukaryotes. Cell membranes. Cytoplasm. Cellular organelles. Mitochondria and chloroplasts. Structure and function of cytoskeleton and extracellular matrix. Cellular interactions. Transport, endo- and exocytosis. Signal transduction. Stem cells and differentiation. Replication and expression of genetic material. Cell cycle. Mitosis. Meiosis. Apoptosis. Cellular transformation.


Basic microscopy techniques including fluorescent and confocal microscopy.

Current techniques of molecular cell biology - cytochemistry, immunocytochemistry, autoradiography, in situ hybridization.

Eukaryotic cell cycle.

Structure and function of interphase nucleus.

Structure and function of cytoskeleton. Cell movements.

Mitosis. Inhibitors of cell division. Chromosomal aberration. Analysis of karyotype.

Poliploidization, endomitosis, politenization, amplification.

In vitro cell culture.


Alberts i wsp. Podstawy Biologii Komórki. PWN 2005

Alberts et al. Molecular Biology of the Cell. Garland Publishing Inc. 2002

Kilarski. Strukturalne podstawy biologii komórki. PWN 2003

Wojtaszek i wsp.. Biologia komórki roślinnej, tom I i II, PWN 2007

Learning outcomes:


Understanding of structure and function of basic bioactive macromolecules

Understanding of prokaryotic and eukaryotic cell function. Understanding of plant and animal cell function and relation between cell structure and function

Understanding of complex biological processes at cellular level

Understanding of cell-environment relationship

Understanding of basic biochemistry, cell biology, genetics and molecular biology.


1. Using advanced experimental cell biology techniques

2. Studying scientific and popular papers on cell biology published in Polish or English. Communicating in English (level B2)

3. Preparing multimedial or written presentations, analyzing and discussing obtained results

4. Planning and conducting of basic experiments


1. Broading his/her interest in biological sciences. Actualizing knowledge on cell biology

2. Improving his/her team working abilities

3. Carefully and critically interpreting knowledge and information coming from scientific literature and mass media

4. Assessing the risks associated with the research techniques used. Expressing responsibility of safe work conditions

Assessment methods and assessment criteria:

Lecture - written exam, open question

Practicals - test

Practical placement:

not applicable

Classes in period "Summer semester 2021/22" (past)

Time span: 2022-02-21 - 2022-06-15
Choosen plan division:

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Coordinators: Maria Ciemerych-Litwinienko, Katarzyna Gieczewska, Agnieszka Mostowska, Małgorzata Zimowska-Wypych
Group instructors: Karolina Archacka, Edyta Brzóska-Wójtowicz, Maria Ciemerych-Litwinienko, Katarzyna Gieczewska, Iwona Grabowska-Kowalik, Łucja Kowalewska, Agnieszka Mostowska, Małgorzata Zimowska-Wypych
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