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Introduction to the prehistoric archaelogy

General data

Course ID: 3101-DO1PRA Erasmus code / ISCED: 08.4 / (0222) History and archaeology
Course title: Introduction to the prehistoric archaelogy Name in Polish: Zarys archeologii pradziejowej
Organizational unit: Institute of Archaeology
Course groups: (in Polish) Obowiązkowe przedmioty dla I roku
ECTS credit allocation (and other scores): (not available)
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Language: Polish
Type of course:

obligatory courses

Prerequisites (description):

The course is comprised of lectures and tutorials. They are aimed at familiarizing students with the topics of prehistoric archaeology, namely human development and culture through Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages. After this course you will be able to choose the appropriate thematic block within the prehistoric archaeology to be commenced in the second year.

Short description:

The course discusses the history of human development throughout subsequent ages with a particular focus on archeological sources concerned with cultural and chronological characteristics in the Old World.

Full description:

The courses touches on the following topics:

- terminology, fundamentals of periodization of history, chronological characteristics;

- main taxonomic units and most important archeological sites for specific ages and periods with a particular focus on artifacts and objects;

- economic changes and building developments;

- societal development from egalitarian communes to rang ones;

- development of rituals and art;

- climate and environmental changes and their impact on cultural and economic changes of humans throughout stone, bronze and iron ages.


The required bibliography will be provided during the first class.

Learning outcomes:

After the course you will:

1. have basic knowledge on the place and significance of prehistoric archaeology in historical sciences;

2. have general knowledge on archaeological cultures in Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages including basic terminology and scientific theories;

3. have basic knowledge on interrelations between prehistoric archaeology, geography, geology, radiophysics, anthropology, archaeozoology, chemistry, paleobotany and history;

4. have basic knowledge on human development in the prehistoric times and human adaptive strategies dependent on environmental conditions;

5. be able to recognize systems of writing of ancient civilizations influencing the communes of prehistoric Europe;

6. be able to recognize main types and groups of prehistoric artifacts and match them with appropriate taxonomic units;

7. be aware of the significance of prehistoric cultural heritage in the process of forming of civilizations;

8. be aware of exceptional value of archeological sources in recreating of human history;

9. be aware of responsibility to preserve cultural heritage.

Assessment methods and assessment criteria:

Written exam will comprise of a survey concerned with the following issues:

- basic categories of archaeological sources (artifacts made of various materials and objects) influencing recreation of human history;

- chronology and taxonomic characteristics in specific ages and periods;

- economic strategies.

This course is not currently offered.
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