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Sport and spectacles in Greek and Roman antiquity in the light of inscriptions and papyri. Lecture

General data

Course ID: 3101-DWSP Erasmus code / ISCED: 08.4 / (0222) History and archaeology
Course title: Sport and spectacles in Greek and Roman antiquity in the light of inscriptions and papyri. Lecture Name in Polish: Sport i współzawodnictwo w inskrypcjach i papirusach
Organizational unit: Faculty of Archeology
Course groups: (in Polish) Wykłady ogólnoinstytutowe
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Language: Polish
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Short description:

Opis skrocony: During the lecture, questions connected with sport and spectacles in Greek and Roman antiquity will be discussed with the use of epigraphical and papyrological documentation

Full description:

Opis: Sport and spectacles of various kinds (theatre, musical, gladiatorial, hippical) were an important element of life of the ancient Greek and Roman societies. They will be discussed during the lecture using the epigraphical and papyrological documentation. Following subjects will be touched upon: sport and physical exercises as element of ethos of the Greek society; rise and development of Greek sport games from the archaic period until Roman Imperial times; organization and program of theatrical and musical contests; popular thetrical spectacles; gladiatorial spectacles as a characteristics of the Roman life; Greek and Roman hippical spectacles; rise and development of professional organizations of sportsmen and artists of Dionysos.


D. Słapek, Sport i widowiska w swiecie antycznym, Warszawa 2010

S.G. Miller, Starożytni olimpijczycy, Warszawa 2006

Learning outcomes:

General orientation in the field of ancient agonistics and the Greek as well as Latin epigraphy and papyrology.

Assessment methods and assessment criteria:

Attending the lecture, passing through the final exam (the subject of the exam covers with the subject of the lecture).

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