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Intellectual Property Protection

General data

Course ID: 3101-OWI Erasmus code / ISCED: 08.4 / (0222) History and archaeology
Course title: Intellectual Property Protection Name in Polish: Ochrona własności intelektualnej
Organizational unit: Faculty of Archeology
Course groups: (in Polish) Obowiązkowe przedmioty dla I roku
ECTS credit allocation (and other scores): (not available)
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Language: Polish
Type of course:

obligatory courses

Prerequisites (description):

Obligatory for 1st year of studies. No preliminary requirements.



Short description:

What does it mean - fashionable term today - Intellectual property law? or copyright? The word "intellectual property " is a kind of key word. However, this word contains many important issues: patent law, law on protection of databases, industrial property law.

Protection of copyright and related rights are ignored on all the time, and yet he favours the creation of new projects in the field of culture, science and economy. Failure to comply with copyright and related rights leads to the destruction of creativity, but above all it is illegal.

Full description:

Intellectual Property Law is divided into: copyright law and industrial law. Each is divided internally. The task of copyright law is to protect the copyright of authors, patent law is to encourage the publication of ideas and the ideas, the law of trade mark shows that a product is produced by this and not another company.

While the classes will be discussed the following topics:

1. Intellectual property law - introduction

a) source of law

2. Copyright and related rights

a) the object of protection - work

b) the object of power - author

c) the content of copyright

d) the content of moral rights

3. The issue of plagiarism, piracy and the right citation.

4. Types of industrial property rights

a) Trade Marks

b) Patents


1. Ustawa z dnia 30 czerwca 2000 r. Prawo własności przemysłowej (tekst jednolity - Dz. U. z 2003, nr 119, poz. 1117 z późn. zm.);

2. Ustawa z dn. 4 lutego 1994 o prawie autorskim i prawach pokrewnych (Dz.U. 1994 nr 24 poz. 83);

3. Barta J., Markiewicz R., Prawa autorskie i prawa pokrewne, Kraków 2004;

4. Karpowicz A., Podręcznik Prawa Autorskiego, Warszawa 2002;

Łazewski M., Gołębiowski M., Własność intelektualna, Warszawa 2006.

Learning outcomes:

Students will learn about basic terminology of intellectual property rights. They will be inform about rules and rights, with special attantion on copyrights as well as about duties in using and managing the intellectual property rights.

Assessment methods and assessment criteria:

The lecture will finish with a exam (oral exam) for an evaluation.

Practical placement:


This course is not currently offered.
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