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Digital History

General data

Course ID: 3104-M3K4-HC Erasmus code / ISCED: 08.3 / (0222) History and archaeology
Course title: Digital History Name in Polish: Historia cyfrowa
Department: Faculty of History
Course groups: (in Polish) Doskonalenie kompetencji w zakresie technologii inf. i komunikacji naukowej (Historia,II st.od 2019)
(in Polish) Przedmioty programu Historia, II st., od 2019 r.
ECTS credit allocation (and other scores): 4.00
Language: Polish
Type of course:

elective courses

Prerequisites (description):

(in Polish) Sprawne korzystanie z Internetu, znajomość języka angielskiego umożliwiająca lekturę artykułów naukowych. W ramach kursu nie są planowane zajęcia z programowania, chociaż realizacja projektu zaliczeniowego wymagać będzie skorzystania z edytora programistycznego i pracy z formatem XML.

Short description:

The classes are intended to be an overview introduction to the basics of digital history. The participants will familiarise themselves with the most current trends in the use of digital methods and tools in supporting historical research and scientific communication in historical science. The proposed topics and readings should be an inspiration for further independent research. Students' involvement in a simple digital edition project is also planned within the course.

Full description:

1. Digital source criticism

2. Non-transparent interfaces

3. Structures of digital knowledge (data and metadata)

4. Structures of digital knowledge (data and metadata) II

5. Open science infrastructure

6. Open science infrastructure II

7. Natural language processing

8. Artificial intelligence in historical research

9. Digital Editions I

10. Digital Editions II

11. Digital documentation in archeology

12. Visual turn in history

13. The basics of Web Archiving

14. Discussion of student’s projects


Cohen, D. J., & Rosenzweig, R. (2006). Digital history: A guide to gathering, preserving, and presenting the past on the web (Vol. 28). Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press.

Cohen, D. J., Frisch, M., Gallagher, P., Mintz, S., Sword, K., Taylor, A. M., ... & Turkel, W. J. (2008). Interchange: The promise of digital history. The Journal of American History, 95(2), 452-491.

Anne Burdick, Johanna Drucker, Peter Lunenfeld, Todo Presner, Jeffrey Schnapp, Digital Humanities, The MIT Press, Cambridge 2012.

Brügger, N. (2012). When the present web is later the past: Web historiography, digital history, and internet studies. Historical Social Research/Historische Sozialforschung, 102-117.

Learning outcomes:

The student:

- is familiar with the basic trends in digital history and can critically define the term

- is critical of general statements about digital methods in historical research

- is able to identify useful digital solutions for his own research project

- knows the basics of semantic transcription of historical sources (TEI) and the principles of working with structured digital texts (XML)

- understands the basics of copyright in academic applications

- knows how to ensure link stability in scientific work footnotes and has basic knowledge of Web archives.

Assessment methods and assessment criteria: (in Polish)

• obecność na zajęciach: 40%

• aktywny udział w zajęciach - znajomość lektur: 30%

• przygotowanie projektu: 30%

Warunkiem zaliczenia przedmiotu jest przygotowanie inspirowanej standardem TEI semantycznej edycji cyfrowej dowolnego tekstowego źródła historycznego.

Classes in period "Summer semester 2020/21" (in progress)

Time span: 2021-02-22 - 2021-06-13
Choosen plan division:

see course schedule
Type of class: Seminar, 30 hours, 15 places more information
Coordinators: Piotr Szlanta
Group instructors: Aneta Daszuta
Students list: (inaccessible to you)
Examination: Course - Grading
Seminar - Grading
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