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Italian pronunciation and spelling

General data

Course ID: 3321-Z1NJWWP Erasmus code / ISCED: 09.0 / (0231) Language acquisition
Course title: Italian pronunciation and spelling Name in Polish: PNJW - Podstawy wymowy i pisowni włoskiej
Department: Department of Italian Studies
Course groups:
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Language: Polish
Type of course:

obligatory courses


(in Polish) w sali

Short description:

The objective of the course is to acquaint students with the principals of the Italian pronunciation and orthography, as well as with the possibilities of representing a spoken text by the symbols of phonetic alphabet.

Full description:

During the classes students learn the principals of the Italian orthography and orthoepy. They become acquainted with the system of vowels and consonants, learn to recognize sound in speech by the oscillation of the vocal folds and exercise the correct pronunciation of individual sounds and their transcription. They also study the proper syllabification, accentuation and intonation.


1. L. Costamagna, Pronunciare l'italiano. Manuale di pronuncia italiana per stranieri, Guerra Edizioni 1996.

2. G. Gori, M.L. Turolla, Giocare con la fonetica, Alma Edizioni 2008.

Learning outcomes:

Students gain the following skills:

- they know the principals og the Italian orthography and orthoepy regarding the standardised Italian;

- they are able to use the phonetic alphabet and to transcript texts;

- they can explain the differences between the spoken and the written language;

- they distinguish the stressed words from unstressed ones;

- they carry out a phonetic analysis;

- they indicate the differences between the Polish and the Italian pronunciation.

Assessment methods and assessment criteria:

The conditions for credit are:

- attendance (two absences allowed);

- active participation in the classes;

- passed two dictation tests and two mid-tests;

- passed the course completion test.

This course is not currently offered.
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