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Analysis and interpretation of translated Greek literature

General data

Course ID: 3700-FN-1-AIDLG-OG
Erasmus code / ISCED: 09.2 Kod klasyfikacyjny przedmiotu składa się z trzech do pięciu cyfr, przy czym trzy pierwsze oznaczają klasyfikację dziedziny wg. Listy kodów dziedzin obowiązującej w programie Socrates/Erasmus, czwarta (dotąd na ogół 0) – ewentualne uszczegółowienie informacji o dyscyplinie, piąta – stopień zaawansowania przedmiotu ustalony na podstawie roku studiów, dla którego przedmiot jest przeznaczony. / (0231) Language acquisition The ISCED (International Standard Classification of Education) code has been designed by UNESCO.
Course title: Analysis and interpretation of translated Greek literature
Name in Polish: Analiza i interpretacja dzieł literatury greckiej w przekładach polskich
Organizational unit: Faculty of "Artes Liberales"
Course groups: (in Polish) Przedmioty ogólnouniwersyteckie Wydziału "Artes Liberales"
General university courses
General university courses in the humanities
ECTS credit allocation (and other scores): 4.00 Basic information on ECTS credits allocation principles:
  • the annual hourly workload of the student’s work required to achieve the expected learning outcomes for a given stage is 1500-1800h, corresponding to 60 ECTS;
  • the student’s weekly hourly workload is 45 h;
  • 1 ECTS point corresponds to 25-30 hours of student work needed to achieve the assumed learning outcomes;
  • weekly student workload necessary to achieve the assumed learning outcomes allows to obtain 1.5 ECTS;
  • work required to pass the course, which has been assigned 3 ECTS, constitutes 10% of the semester student load.

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Language: Polish
Type of course:

general courses

Short description:

During the course we will analyse texts of Greek literature from different periods. Students will know interpretation theories, learn methods of literary research, discuss contexts.

Full description:

The list of lectures (one for every class meeting) will be discussed with students on the first class.


Seria: „Arcydzieła Literatury Nowogreckiej” pod red. M. Borowskiej, t. I-XII

Z. Kubiak, Kawafis Aleksandryjczyk, Warszawa 1995.

P. Krupka (red.), Z Parnasu i z Olimpu, Warszawa 2004.

Z. Kubiak, Antologia poezji nowogreckiej, Warszawa 1970.

J. Strasburger, Poeci Nowej Grecji, Warszawa 1987.

N. Chadzinikolau, Literatura Nowogrecka 1453-1983, Poznań 1985.

Learning outcomes:

Knowledge: students completing

- basic knowledge about the place of Greek among the Indo-European languages and its importance for the development of modern languages and contemporary scientific disciplines

- contemporary literary theory trends, enabling students to analyse and interpret a literary text, including traditional and contemporary methods used by researchers of texts from past ages

- the most important literary genres practised by the Greeks from antiquity to the present day

Skills: students completing the course will be able to

-present orally or in writing, in Polish or Modern Greek, simple research problems, also using different sources and critically referencing the literature of the subject

- present cohesive and logical argumentation with references to the opinions of others, polemicize critically with the arguments of others, and formulate conclusions

- organize their work station properly (working with a computer, long-term sitting position), keep physically fit, and if necessary respond appropriately to a crisis situation

- see the distinctive features of scholarly Greek (Katharevousa)

Social competences: students completing the course will be ready to

- realize the limited extent of their own knowledge and skills

- see the need for lifelong learning and for upgrading their professional competence, especially by improving their language skills; they will flexibly define the directions of their own development

Assessment methods and assessment criteria:


Classes in period "Winter semester 2023/24" (past)

Time span: 2023-10-01 - 2024-01-28
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Seminar, 30 hours, 5 places more information
Coordinators: Ewa Janion
Group instructors: Ewa Janion
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