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Roman law

General data

Course ID: 4018-CW6 Erasmus code / ISCED: 10.9 / (0421) Law
Course title: Roman law Name in Polish: Prawo rzymskie
Organizational unit: Faculty of "Artes Liberales"
Course groups:
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Language: Polish
Type of course:

elective courses

Short description:

Showing students of Mediterranean Studies the system of Roman law, its uniqueness compared to other ancient law systems in the Mediterranean basin, and its influence on the subsequent history of law in Europe.

Full description:

1. The importance of Roman law; the notion of law and its divisions according to Roman law

2. History of the sources of Roman law

3. Personal and family law

4. Possession of material goods

5. Inheritances

6. Obligations

7. Roman trials


• W. Wołodkiewicz - M. Zabłocka, Prawo rzymskie. Instytucje, 5 wyd., Warszawa 2009;

• W. Wołodkiewicz, Europa i prawo rzymskie Szkice z historii europejskiej kultury prawnej, Warszawa 2009;

• Regulae iuris. Łacińskie inskrypcje na kolumnach Sądu Najwyższego Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej, A. Kacprzak, J. Krzynówek, W. Wołodkiewicz, Pod red. Witolda Wołodkiewicza, wyd. 3, Warszawa 2011;

• Łacińskie reguły prawne w pigułce, A. Kacprzak. J. Krzynówek, W. Wołodkiewicz, Warszawa 2014.

Learning outcomes:

Learning about an important component of ancient Mediterranean civilization - law in Ancient Rome.

Assessment methods and assessment criteria:

Participation in classes and the students’ own work

This course is not currently offered.
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