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The Italian and European Renaissance

General data

Course ID: 4018-WYK17Z Erasmus code / ISCED: 09.2 / (0231) Language acquisition
Course title: The Italian and European Renaissance Name in Polish: Renesans włoski i europejski
Organizational unit: Faculty of "Artes Liberales"
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Language: Polish
Type of course:

elective courses

Short description:

Broadening students' knowledge of the European Renaissance (as a cultural movement), particularly Italian, understanding its importance in the history of civilization and in the process of development of Europeans' cultural identity, reflections on the changeability of attitudes towards the Renaissance and its evaluation in historiography and the canon of education in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Full description:

The lectures present the main research and interpretation problems of the birth of Renaissance humanism and Renaissance culture in Italy (14th to mid-16th century) and their reception in Europe in the 15th-16th centuries. Main topics: 1. urban civilization in the Apennine Peninsula in the 14th-15th centuries and the Medieval roots of Renaissance culture, 2. two alternative cultures in the West in the 15th century: the "Gothic" culture of Northern Europe and the Renaissance culture in Italy - differences and relations between them (Northern Europe's contacts with people from the Apennine Peninsula and cultural communities in Italy), 3. Italian mediation in the reception of classical culture, 4. roads, vehicles and models of reception of Renaissance culture in Italy, 5. the Reformation, the Catholic Reformation and the Counter-Reformation, 6. values, attitudes and fascinations of Renaissance people, 7. historiographic myths, textbook clichés, European awareness of the Renaissance.


Lektury obowiązkowe: Jean Delumeau, Cywilizacja Odrodzenia, Warszawa 1987 (Warszawa 1993); Peter Burke, Kultura i społeczeństwo w renesansowych Włoszech, Warszawa 1991

Lektury zalecane: Helmut G. Koenigsberger, George L. Mausse, G.Q. Bowler, Europe in the sixteenth Century, London, New York 1989 (lub wcześniejsze wydanie, 1968)

Fernand Braudel, Morze Śródziemne i świat śródziemnomorski w epoce Filipa II, t. I-II, Gdańsk 1976-1977

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