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Introduction to Classical Islamic Culture 3104-WH15ER-MWIL-OG
Wykład (WYK) Semestr zimowy 2018/19

Informacje o zajęciach (wspólne dla wszystkich grup)

Liczba godzin: 30
Limit miejsc: 35
Zaliczenie: Zaliczenie na ocenę

Given the introductory nature of this course, some basic reading will be recommended during classes, should such need arise (based upon students’ competence and interests).

Efekty kształcenia:

This course will essentially be a lecture, but students’ active participation (questions, discussion) is vividly encouraged.

Metody i kryteria oceniania:

The main criterion for crediting will be a test administered during the last class. Students will also have a possibility of writing an additional essay and obtaining additional 2 ECTS credits (on condition of successfully passing the test).

Zakres tematów:

I. Arabia before Islam

II. Life of Muhammad and the Beginnings of Islam

III. After Muhammad: The First Rightly-Guided Caliphs and Internal Struggles

IV. The Qur’an

V. Introduction to the Principles of Islam I: God and His Prophet

VI. Introduction to the Principles of Islam II: The Pillars of Islam

VII. Sunni and Shi’a Islam: from Political Conflict to Theological Divergence

VIII. Is There a Political Theory in Classical Islam?

IX. Islamic Law – Key Concepts

X. Sources and Paradigms of Classical Islamic Science

XI. Introduction to Classical Islamic Art

XII. Islam or Islams? Cultural Diversity in the Classical Islamic World

XIII. Classical Islam and Other Religions: between Jihad and Convivencia

XIV. Evaluation and Crediting

Metody dydaktyczne:

Upon completion of the course, a student is introduced, on one hand, to the principal concepts of the Islamic religion, and, on the other hand, to Islamic history in the classical period, with emphasis upon the formative processes. Therefore, the student should be able to perform a basic analysis of Islamic sources and have basic knowledge of the image of the world peculiar to the Islamic religion.

Grupy zajęciowe

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Grupa Termin(y) Prowadzący Miejsca Akcje
1 każdy czwartek, 11:30 - 13:00, sala 125
Mateusz Wilk 41/35 szczegóły
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