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GPTE-Teaching practice 1

Informacje ogólne

Kod przedmiotu: 2300-CM5-TP-TP1 Kod Erasmus / ISCED: (brak danych) / (brak danych)
Nazwa przedmiotu: GPTE-Teaching practice 1
Jednostka: Wydział Pedagogiczny
Punkty ECTS i inne: (brak)
Język prowadzenia: (brak danych)
Rodzaj przedmiotu:


Założenia (opisowo):

The aim of this course is to develop and reinforce the knowledge and skills gained by the students within ELT methodology courses and other related subjects and provide practical experience in classroom teaching.

Tryb prowadzenia:

w terenie

Skrócony opis:

The practicum field experience lasts 90 hours in selected primary schools.

Pełny opis:

Student teaching placements are focused on planning and teaching and include the following tasks:

1) Preliminary interview with the mentor teacher

2) Observing lessons and reflecting upon classroom environment, classroom routines, classroom management, instructions, teacher talk, teaching materials, and error management

3) Conducting micro-teaching activities, e.g. warm-up activities, games, group and pair work activities, giving instructions

4) Preparing lesson plans and conducting CLIL lessons using Template for CLIL Unit Plan for TEYL

5) Consultation with the mentor teacher

6) Self-evaluation

7) Final consultation with the mentor teacher on student’s progress – familiarizing the student with the evaluation and the report.


Coyle, D., Hood, P., & Marsh, D. (2010), CLIL: Content and language integrated learning. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Halliwell, S. (1992), Teaching English in the Primary Classroom, Pearson ELT.

Harmer, J. (2012). Essential teacher knowledge. Pearson Longman.

Richards, J.C. & Thomas S.C. Farrell (2011), Practice teaching: a reflective approach. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Wajnryb, R. (1992). Classroom Observation Tasks. UK: Cambridge University Press

Efekty uczenia się:


On completion of the course the student:

- while observing lessons, recognizes the techniques learnt during Methodology courses;

- knows the rules of proper behaviour during lesson observation;

- knows the most effective methods and techniques used in teaching English to young learners;

- knows how to adapt ELT materials to suit his/her learners’ needs and abilities.


On completion of the course the student:

- can plan and describe the lesson;

- can organize a lesson in primary school (grades 1-3);

- can use various teaching aids in his/her teaching;

- can create new teaching aids to the planned lessons;

- can apply the knowledge gained during the course while working with children in the English lessons;

- can reflect on his/her own teaching;

- can choose and adapt the teaching materials used in the classroom and adjust them to the learners’ needs;

- can observe the lessons, reflect on them and draw conclusions concerning work with children.


On completion of the course the student:

- is able to reflect both on the conducted and observed lessons;

- is ready to give advice to her/his colleagues;

- appreciates the significance of self-reflection and feedback in the teaching profession;

- creates lesson plans on his/her own;

- reflects on his/her own teaching;

- is able to work under pressure;

- is able to adjust teaching methods and techniques to various educational contexts.

Metody i kryteria oceniania:

To pass the course the students are obliged to deliver the required set of materials:

A teaching pack including:

- observation sheets

- a list of microteaching activities + lesson plans

- post-observation reflection

- self-evaluation

- CLIL Unit (8 lessons) + materials used

- reflections on the lessons conducted

- mentor teacher's evaluation

Praktyki zawodowe:

90 hours, as described above

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