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Towards European Constitutionalism

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Kod przedmiotu: 2200-1CWPA89 Kod Erasmus / ISCED: (brak danych) / (brak danych)
Nazwa przedmiotu: Towards European Constitutionalism
Jednostka: Wydział Prawa i Administracji
Grupy: Inne przedmioty dodatkowe w j. angielskim
Inne przedmioty nieobowiązkowe
Wykłady specjalizacyjne i konwersatoria dla III roku studiów prawniczych
Wykłady specjalizacyjne i konwersatoria dla IV roku studiów prawniczych
Wykłady specjalizacyjne i konwersatoria dla V roku studiów prawniczych
Strona przedmiotu: http://pl.zpc.wpia.uw.edu.pl/european-constitutionalism/
Punkty ECTS i inne: (brak)
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Język prowadzenia: angielski
Rodzaj przedmiotu:

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Założenia (opisowo):

Students participating in seminar should have a basic knowledge on EU law and on constitutional law of their own states. It is desirable to possess some skills of independent legal research.

Skrócony opis:

The purpose of the seminar is to encourage students to make an in-depth research on EU constitutional law issues and to discuss their papers with a group of internationally renowned experts. The course has a form of three day intensive crash course, where papers are presented and thorooughly discussed.

Pełny opis:

The seminar, which is organised annually, is devoted to various aspects of the constitutional reality of the European Union. The course is structured as a crash course, it consists of a number of preparatory meetings and the final two-days seminar

The participating students shall be divided into teams and assigned topics to elaborate, which eventually are to take shape of essays 20-25 pages long. Before the final session there will be 3-4 preparatory meetings with Prof. Wyrzykowski and the tutors, during which the work progress shall be monitored and the students' ideas and problems discussed.

The first preparatory meeting will take place on the 22.02.2021, 8.15 pm, Raphael Taubenschlag Library (room 203, Old Faculty). The following on the 1st of March, same place, same hour.

in 2021 the seminar proper shall take place on the 10/11 of May.

The 2020 edition themed "All Different, all One. EU 2020" covered the topics:

- Differences in constitutional culture: with or without constitutional court in the Member States, does it matter.

- Some are more equal than others: does size of the Member State matter in the EU legal system?

- Different traditions of paliamentarism

- Differences as to the political party culture.

- How to fight enemies of democracy: Art 7 and respective mechanisms in the Membert States

- Euro- and Non euro Member States - does it matter

- The conditionality mechanism - can money secure compliance with the RoL?

- The annual rule of law cycle proposed by the Commission - equality before the (rule of) law?

- Differences in Family Law and Personal Status.


There is no requirement to read any specific literature. Rather in the context of their papers to be presented during the seminar students are expected to read the most important literature available - for the purpose of preparing successful paper.

Efekty uczenia się:


- knowledge on current issues concerning EU constitutional law,

- in-depth knowledge on specific area of research covered by the paper prepared by student


- presentation and discussion of paper at open seminar,

- research skills in EU constitutional law area.

Metody i kryteria oceniania:

Students will be assessed individually on the basis of scholar quality of their papers and understanding of problems covered.

Praktyki zawodowe:


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