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Creativity Workshop

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Kod przedmiotu: 2500-EN_F_07 Kod Erasmus / ISCED: 14.4 / (0313) Psychologia
Nazwa przedmiotu: Creativity Workshop
Jednostka: Wydział Psychologii
Grupy: Applied basket
Elective courses
electives for 1 and 2 year
Psychology of Personality, Emotions, Motivation and Individual Differences
Punkty ECTS i inne: (brak)
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Język prowadzenia: angielski
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Skrócony opis: (tylko po angielsku)

I am not creative – this is at least what we sometimes think when we face

different problems. Is creativity a domain of gifted geniuses or romantic

heroes inspired by muses? WE are going to answer these questions and

develop creativity! The first part of the training is aimed at breaking the

barriers in creative thinking. The next step will be practicing creative skills.

Each stage of the training will consist of exercises that help develop

creative skills. The whole course is built of group exercises. Being active

participant in them is required and highly recommended.

Pełny opis: (tylko po angielsku)

The aims of the workshop are

 Breaking the barriers and stimulating individual creativity of

participants by introducing the techniques that enable producing

outstanding and useful ideas.

 Teaching the complete heuristics of creative thinking (from defining

the problems to creating ideas, developing and evaluating them)

 Developing creative skills – building associations, metaphorical

thinking, inductive thinking, abstracting, transforming.

 Making participants experience constructive group cooperation in

area of communication, formation of problems and solving it in a

creative way.

We will try to achieve these aims by group exercises, discussions. Having

fun is part of creativity and thus – part of the course.

The course is organized in the following blocks:

BLOCK 1: Creativity skills and breaking the barriers

BLOCK 2: Brainstorming, rain of ideas

BLOK 3: Jump aside – lateral thinking

BLOCK 4: Building associations

BLOCK 5: Analogy and metaphor

BLOCK 6: Abstracting

BLOCK 7: Transformations


Literatura: (tylko po angielsku)

Handbook: De Bono, E. (2015). Lateral thinking: creativity step by step.

Efekty uczenia się: (tylko po angielsku)

After the course a student should:

- Be able to define what creativity is

- Be able to name and describe creative skills

- Break some barriers in thinking which should result in increased creativity

- Learn some flexibility in thinking

- Be able to use the practiced creative skills to solve problems and to develop ideas

Metody i kryteria oceniania: (tylko po angielsku)

Full presence is required

- presence (full presence during the whole training)

- participation in all class activities

- completing several tasks in groups during the training (each of them

ends by presenting a certain “product” or “solution” to the whole


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