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Analytical Chemistry B

General data

Course ID: 1200-1CHANALBW3 Erasmus code / ISCED: 13.3 / (0531) Chemistry
Course title: Analytical Chemistry B Name in Polish: Chemia analityczna B
Department: Faculty of Chemistry
Course groups: (in Polish) Przedmioty minimum programowego - zamienniki dla studentów 3-go semestru (S1-CH)
Course homepage:
ECTS credit allocation (and other scores): 4.00
Language: Polish
Type of course:

elective courses

Prerequisites (description):

Basics of chemical calculations (concentrations, concentrations conversions), writing chemical reactions equations, basic mathematical operation: exponential, logharithm.

ionic equilibria, qualitative analysis


(in Polish) w sali

Short description:

o acquaint students with fundamentals of classical quantitative analysis (titrations)

Full description:

Role, tasks and applications of analytical chemistry. Classification of analytical methods (classical and instrumental). Fundamentals of ions identification, characteristic reactions. Ionic equilibria in solutions (acid-base, redox, complexation and precipitation).

Fundamentals of chemical analysis. Acid-base, redox, complexation and precipitation tiitrations


1.J. Minczewski, Z. Marczenko, Chemia analityczna. Tom.1 i 2, Wydawnictwo Naukowe PWN, Warszawa 2007

2.D.A. Skoog, D.M. West, F.J. Holler, S.R. Crouch, Podstawy Chemii Analitycznej, tom 1 i tom 2, Wydawnictwo Naukowe PWN, Warszawa, 2006,2007

Learning outcomes:

Fundamentals of analytical chemistry, including knowledge of classical quantitative inorganic analysis (titrations)

Assessment methods and assessment criteria:

final written exam

Practical placement:


Classes in period "Winter semester 2020/21" (past)

Time span: 2020-10-01 - 2021-01-31
Choosen plan division:

see course schedule
Type of class: Lecture, 30 hours more information
Coordinators: Robert Koncki
Group instructors: Robert Koncki
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Examination: Examination
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