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Physical Chemistry Tutorials II

General data

Course ID: 1200-1CHFIZ2C4 Erasmus code / ISCED: 13.3 / (0531) Chemistry
Course title: Physical Chemistry Tutorials II Name in Polish: Chemia fizyczna II - ćwiczenia
Department: Faculty of Chemistry
Course groups: (in Polish) Przedmioty minimum programowego dla studentów 4-go semestru (S1-CH)
ECTS credit allocation (and other scores): 3.00
Language: Polish
Type of course:

obligatory courses

Prerequisites (description):

Student gains the knowledge resulting from passing Mathematics and general chemistry (I years)

Short description:

The aim of this tutorial is that students gain experience in problem solving and performing calculations in physical chemistry

Full description:

Reaction kinetics: influence of temperature, the Arrhenius equation; rates of chemical reactions, rate equations for simple reactions; determination of reaction order and rate constants, integrated rate laws; radioactive decay. Solutions of electrolyte, Debyea-Huckel equation. Electrochemistry: conductivity, electrodes, electrochemical cells. Phase equilibrium, Clausius-Clapeyron equation


H.P. Standler, Chemical Thermodynamics - revision and worked examples, The Royal Society of Chemistry, Thomas Graham House, Cambridge 1989

Clyde R. Metz, 2000 Solved Problems in Physical Chemistry, McGraw Hill, Inc. New York 1990

Learning outcomes:

After termination the calsules a student is able to analyze and explain different aspects and methodology of the subject. He can solve calcules problems in physical chemistry within two sub-fields: 1. chemical kinetics and 2. conductivity and electrochemistry.

Assessment methods and assessment criteria:

Written graded test.

Practical placement:

not applicable

Classes in period "Summer semester 2020/21" (in progress)

Time span: 2021-02-22 - 2021-06-13
Choosen plan division:

see course schedule
Type of class: Class, 30 hours more information
Coordinators: Agnieszka Dąbrowska
Group instructors: Maciej Mazur, Paweł Oracz, Iwona Paleska
Students list: (inaccessible to you)
Examination: Grading
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