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Chemical Technology Laboratory

General data

Course ID: 1200-1TECHL5 Erasmus code / ISCED: 13.3 / (0531) Chemistry
Course title: Chemical Technology Laboratory Name in Polish: Technologia chemiczna - laboratorium
Department: Faculty of Chemistry
Course groups: (in Polish) Przedmioty minimum programowego dla studentów 5-go semestru (S1-CH)
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ECTS credit allocation (and other scores): 3.00
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Language: Polish
Main fields of studies for MISMaP:


Type of course:

obligatory courses

Prerequisites (description):

A least satisfactory knowledge of physical, organic and general chemistry


(in Polish) w sali

Short description:

Mass and energy balances of unit operations and of complex chemical processes. Steady state and unsteady -state process balances. Estimation of the product yield and unit raw material and energy consumption via mass and energy balances. Examples of the process cost calculation

Full description:

A list of laboratory experiments available: Balance of technological processes; Continuous production of vinyl polyalcohol; Water purification in the sorptive column filled with an active carbon and water demineralization with help of ion columns; Emulsion and suspension polymerization of styrene; Catalytic cracking; Concentration of solutions in a single-effect evaporator; Concentration of solutions in a double-effect evaporator; Continuous process of detergent production employing alkylaryl sulfonic acids; Continuous process of bicarbonate production by Solvay method; Computer simulation of technological processes using Chem-Cad software; Determination of process rate constant in case of alcohol; Application of membrane techniques for separation of products in bioprocesses; Biocatalysts and their application in industry; Biocatalytic sucrose inversion in flow column reactors; Biofuels.


Editor prof. T. Kasprzycka-Gutman. “Podręcznik do ćwiczeń z technologii chemicznej”, WUW, Warszawa, 1996rE.Bortel, H.Koneczny - Zarys technologii chemicznej.J.Kępiński - Technologia chemiczna nieorganiczna. A.Z.Zieliński – “ Chemiczna technologia organiczna”. Adamczak, M. Biokataliza i jej zastosowanie. w: Podstawy biotechnologii przemysłowej. Red. W. Bednarski i J. Fiedurek. WNT 2007, 317-378.

Learning outcomes:

At the end of learning process student is able to

- calculate heat and material balance of single reactions and chemical reactors

- use Chem-Cad program for plant design and for process optimization

- plan and carry out continuous complex organic and inorganic synthesis in the laboratory scale

- employ the analytical methods such as gas chromatography, infrared spectrophotometry, calorimetry for the evaluation of chemical reactions

Assessment methods and assessment criteria:

Graded on the basis of partial grades from the individual laboratory exercises

Practical placement:


Classes in period "Winter semester 2020/21" (past)

Time span: 2020-10-01 - 2021-01-31
Choosen plan division:

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Type of class: Lab, 45 hours more information
Coordinators: Grzegorz Litwinienko, Hanna Wilczura-Wachnik
Group instructors: Jakub Cędrowski, Katarzyna Jodko-Piórecka, Adrian Konopko, Agnieszka Krogul-Sobczak, Jarosław Kusio, Grzegorz Litwinienko, Elżbieta Megiel, Adam Myśliński, Piotr Piotrowski, Hanna Wilczura-Wachnik, Elżbieta Winnicka
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