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Selected Problems of the Culture of the Baltic Countries

General data

Course ID: 3020-BB2WZK Erasmus code / ISCED: 08.902 / (0229) Humanities (except languages), not elsewhere classified
Course title: Selected Problems of the Culture of the Baltic Countries Name in Polish: Wybrane zagadnienia kultury krajów bałtyckich
Organizational unit: Department of General Linguistics, Sign Language Linguistics and Baltic Studies
Course groups:
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Language: Polish
Type of course:

obligatory courses

Prerequisites (description):

Proficiency in Lithuanian at C1 level and Latvian at B1 level.



Short description:

The course encompasses a wide range of selected topics in the culture and cultural traditions of Lithuania and Latvia. It presents the principal currents in the evolutions in the Lithuanian and Latvian national cultures over the centuries, witrh particular emphasis on the ties connecting the arts of the Baltic countries with European art.

Full description:

I. The exercises are not meant to give a systematic overview of the material. A discussion of offered of the most important processes going on in various domains of the arts, based on selected examples from the source materials for the course.

II. A wide array of selected problems in the domain of cultural life and the cultural traditions of Lithuania and Latvia is presented. In planning the subject matter of the classes the individual interests of the students are taken into account, as well as current events connected with the popularisation ofg Lithuanian and Latvian culture in Poland.

III. The students consolidate their knowledge concerning the cultures of Lithuania and Latvia and their most prominent representatives; they improve their skills in independently interpreting cultural phenomena and situating them in the context of larger tendencies in the national cultures of Lithuania and Latvia.


Materials prepared by the lecturer after consulting their final list with the students.

Learning outcomes:

On completion of the course the student:


- possesses solid knowlegde of selected problems concerning Lithuania and Latvia

- points out and characterised successive stages in the evolution of Lithuanian and Latvian culture

- characterises the specific features of the spiritual and material culture of Lithuania and Latvia;

- identifies and explains various manifestations of the multicultural traditions of the Baltic countries;


- identifies the main tendencies and currents in contemporary art in Lithuania and Latvia and points out connections with European art;

- analyses and interprets cultural phenomena, arguing from comprehensive illustrative material;

- systematically participates in cultural events which popularise Lithuanian and Latvian culture, shows interest in current cultural events in Poland and worldwide


- realises the need of individual effort in improving one’s knowledge of the culture of the Baltic countries.

Assessment methods and assessment criteria:

Conditions for obtention of graded term credits:

a) checking of attendance ;

b) active participation in classes;

c) essay

This course is not currently offered.
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