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Welcome to the USOSweb system
The Central Server is administered by the Department for Computer Applications (DAK)

NOTICE!(25.07.2022). Change of USOSweb graphic layout

We would like to inform you that from 6.8.0 version USOSweb has been partially aligned with the WCAG's standards.

NOTICE! (17.09.2021) GDPR clause in electronic form.

Dear Sir/Madam

we inform that at the turn of September and October personal data processing clause will be visible after logging into the USOSweb system.
The clause cannot be rejected. Lack of acceptance of the clause blocks access to the USOSweb system.

Office of Academic and Student Affairs


From September 19th, 2018 ALL individual student bank account numbers, that are used to pay liabilities to UW, will change and the current account numbers will be made invalid.
New bank account numbers will be visible in the USOS system from September 19th, 2018 after 6 pm (18:00).
From 19th of September, 2018 transfers of payment (tuition) to current (old) bank account numbers will be returned to the sender. Please make appropriate changes in case of transfer of payment from your bank account.
Foreign students, who have agreements signed to make payments in EUR, after 19th of September will be make payments to individual bank accounts in that currency. Bank account numbers in EUR will also be available in USOS after September 19th, 2018.
USOS system as well as other connected services (APD, registration) will not be available on September 19th, 2018 between 12 (noon) and 6 pm (18:00).

( USOS team)

NOTICE!!! Guidebook - assignment of courses

We encourage you to make yourself acquainted with the new guidebook. It describes the rules governing procedure of assignments and explains their influence on study term GPA, obtaining credit for a study course, diploma supplement and tuition fees.

  • Download Guide

  • Registration:

    Detailed information for students wanting to REGISTER FOR COURSES is found under CURRENT NEWS

    The University of Warsaw's Internet services - IRK, "Żetonowa" registration (foreign language lessons, PE.), USOSweb (course registration, grades.) and UW e-mail service - all have the same password.
    Passwords may be changed only at the Dean's Office. Such changes are effective immediately for all services.

    You may contact the USOSweb DAK Administrator at: usoswebdak (-at-)
    • the Administrator cannot change your password. You must contact the Dean's Office to do so
    • be sure to give your PESEL number. Sometimes other people have your same first and last name
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